Hey Rob,

A huge thank you to you and the team for putting the time and effort into the camp that you did. Anna was excited to begin with but as you know, I had to drag Conner in. After 2 days of camp there was a noticable change in both of my kids attitudes. It was very clear that you gave them enough activities for the right amount of time to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. I got a little grief for sending both of my kids to a skate camp when neither have ever been on a board. However, I needed to get them out and doing something that does not include a computer screen. Aside from a new skill, I noticed a growth in their self confidence, creativity, ambition and overall well being. They even accused me of being a “rad dad” and said thank you for making them go. So in turn; to you, the counselors and “park mom” Liz, THANK YOU!



“We have been working with PLUS Skateboarding for 10 years and have been able to provide top notch skateboard events and camps to youth in Farmington Hills. With PLUS’s support and partnership, we were able to build one of the best skate park’s in the Midwest – Riley Skate Park” “PLUS has offered top notch camps and events for our community for the past 10 years”

-Bryan Farmer, Recreation Superintendant Farmington Hills Special Services

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