Are the campers broken up into age groups?
Yes and no. Each camper is taught on an individual basis. We do however break the campers up into groups based on ability level. Of course we could have a beginner 12 year old who is at the level of the 5 year olds. In that situation, we leave it up to the camper, if they want to be with more their age group. That is fine with us, as the instruction is more individual based. We could have a younger skater in the more advanced group with older kids if the younger camper feels comfortable–that is the beauty of skateboarding; you’re not competing with anyone so any age group can skate with one another!

What do we need to bring to camp?
A board, lunch and a helmet. Other items we recommend are: Water bottle, sun screen, a couple bucks for the snack bar, other pads such as elbow, knee, and wrist guards.

What kind of board do I need? Is my board good enough?
We strongly encourage you to come to camp with a board bought at a skateboard shop. Of course! We are a skateboard shop! The reason is not so we can sell you a pro board, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, boards from Toys R Us, Target, Dunhams, etc DO NOT ROLL OR TURN!! They are not made for the skateboard park and are actually more dangerous as they are unpredictable. Please call us and bring in your set up if you are unsure. At PLUS, we are honest and will tell you what you need to buy if anything. We have many price points, and we also offer a skate camp discount.

That said, many kids will come to camp with a board from Toys R Us, etc. Will they still have fun? YES! We sometimes have an extra board they can borrow, or we deal with what they have. It is frustrating for the kids with those boards because they simply do not do what a board from a skateboard shop will do, which is roll and turn.

Where/what is PLUS?
PLUS Skateboarding is our skateboard shop. We strongly believe in giving back to the skateboard community. We worked with the city of Farmington Hills in getting the Riley Skate Park built and we put on these camps both because we enjoy it and it’s a great way to get the next generation of skateboarders into skateboarding for the right reasons, BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Please visit our store and see for yourself.

We are located at:
33335 Grand River, downtown Farmington. Directly on the SE corner of Grand River and Farmington Roads.

You can reach us through email.

Our phone number is:

Please feel free to also visit the shop website.